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Aromatic & Toilet Cleaning Tablet Press

Aromatic & Toilet Cleaning Tablet Press

The aromatic & toilet cleaning tablet press is newly developed by our company, suitable for pressing hygroscopic material, or material with poor fluidity or high humidity, into tablet with smooth surface. As the name implies, this stainless steel tablet press can be applied for manufacturing chemical products like aromatic tablet, toilet cleaning tablet, disinfection tablet, and some others.

1. Both the fully enclosed housing and the internal table of the tablet making machine are made of stainless steel. Besides the glossy appearance, cross contamination can be avoided, which is in compliance with GMP.
2. The pressing chamber for the aromatic & toilet cleaning tablet press adopts organic glass. Users can get to know the operation conditions through the transparent protective cover. More importantly, the enclosed glass cover can be fully opened for convenient cleaning and maintenance.
3. Our product is manufactured from mechantronics and frequency control technology.

Particularly designed, the upper punch and lower punch rotate to demould the sticky powder. Overcoming the difficulties in demoulding the effervescent tablets, our company is in the position to supply optimal automatic tablet machine for the operation in the environment with high humidity.

Technical Parameters of Aromatic & Toilet Cleaning Tablet Press
Die Quantity (pair) 23
Max. Pressure (KN) 150
Max. Tablet Dia. (mm) 50
Max. Filling Depth (mm) 45
Max. Thickness (mm) 23
Rotating Speed (r/min) 6-12
Max. Production Capacity (pcs/h) 33,000
Rotary Table Dia. (mm) 780
Diameter of Middle Mould (mm) 70
Dia. of Upper and Lower Punch (mm) 52
Length of Upper Punch (mm) 208
Length of Lower Punch (mm) 272
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1,250×1,450×2,100
Motor Power (kW) 7.5 (6L)
Net Weight (kg) 5,000

45 working days from the receipt of down payment and samples of products to be operated on the machine. (The actual delivery time depend on your order)
The seller guarantee the machines are new (or unused) and the guarantee period will be given thirteen months from shipment date. During this period, the seller will provide free maintenance and free spare parts that caused by the machine’s quality, but the buyer must pay the courier cost. Parts damaged because of mishandling and consumable parts are not covered by any warranty.
Installing, Commissioning and Training
The seller will send the technician to buyer for installing and adjusting the machine and training the workers if the buyer invited. And the installing and adjusting cost is 50—100USD per day. The buyer should pay round tickets and accommodation expenses for seller’s technicians.

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