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DP Single Press Machine - Medical Machinery

DP Single Press Machine
This DP Single Press Machine is developed on the basis of the international advanced technologies. It is featured by its low material waste, reasonable structure, easy operation, compact size, large compression, low noise, small weight deviation, adjustable tablet filling depth and thickness, etc. With all of its functions at the level of the similar imported products, this Single Punch Press can be widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, foodstuff and more industries for pressing the powder or granular materials into tablet automatically in a continuous way.

Parameters of DP Single Press Machine

Model DP-25 DP-12
Dies 1 1
Max diameter 25 12
Max capacity 60 60
Max pressure 50 50
Max depth of fill 20 20
Tablet thickness 8 8
Motor 220V/50HZ, 1.5KW 220V/50HZ, 1.1KW
Overall size 580×500×830 550×450×750
New weight 150 100

Shanghai Tianfeng Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading DP Single Press Machine manufacturer in China. We are also engaged in the production of different pharmaceutical tablet press, pharmaceutical milling machinery, and packaging machines for applications in pharmaceutical, food, electronic, metallurgical and more industries. Please feel free to contact us for your Single Punch Press needs!

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