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YK60 90 Milling Machine - Medical Machinery

YK60 90 Milling Machine

YK60 90 Milling Machine - Medical Machinery
This milling machine is used extensively in such areas as pharmacy, chemical industry, food, pottery and plastics. It is ideal for making moist powder material particle. Make cylinder swing reciprocally, extruding material from screen mesh for granulation.

Technical Parameters of Milling Machine

Model YK60 YK90
DIA rotor(mm) 60 90
Capacity (kg/h) 20-30 50-100
Rang of wave >360° >360°
Number of times of waving rolingly 46 50
Motor power(kw) 0.55 0.55
Weight (kg) 55 150
Overall size(mm) 460*550*570 750*460*840
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